Apart from being active as an independent artist, I have done also quite a lot of teaching photography. Before I moved to Canada, I was assistant to the teacher at the State Academy of Fine Arts (Akademia Sztuk Pięknych) in Warsaw, Poland. Since 2005 until present I teach at the Fleming College, Haliburton School of Arts (Haliburton, ON, Canada). Now I am teaching two one-week certificate courses there: Black&White Photography and Lighting. From 1999 until 2012, each year I was giving six Camera Obscura and Pinhole Photography Workshops for public schools in Ontario, sponsored by the Ontario Arts Council Artists in Education Grant. Recently, I had to give up this activity, because I became to busy with my creative work and my exhibitions. Apart from that I gave numerous other workshops for various groups and institutions, including Polish scouts in Canada or YMCA.
For my 5-days Camera Obscura and Pinhole Photography Workshop I built a very special device. It was a mobile, walk-in Camera Obscura. It was a little bit similar to the one I used for the Weather Report project, however it was never used for taking photographs, but only for practical demonstration of optical phenomenons. Inside of this Camera, I placed a white, circular table, on which you may see the picture of the world outside, thanks to the lens installed in the roof. Here you may find some images from the outside and inside of the Camera Obscura:

Additionally for this workshop I also built a portable darkroom and a set of simple Pinhole Cameras made out of plywood.

And here are some Pinhole images that my students took:

And here you may find selected press publications about my workshop in PDF format:
Camera Obscura Workshops Press